For over 23 years, Aprylle & Reed Flute and Guitar Duo, have provided elegant and peaceful music for nearly 1000 events at more than 250 venues all over New England.  Their unmatched huge and unique repertoire, from 16th Century European to 21st Century popular, allows them to specifically tailor their music to set the appropriate mood for any occasion.  Aprylle & Reed are highly-trained European Conservatory professional musicians and music educators.

An acclaimed duo catering for your musical requirements and complimenting your special event.

A musical presence that supports not overwhelms.

Peaceful Elegance.



Over the years, the single greatest compliment we receive (after how good the music is) is that in the cocktail hour, people didn’t need to shout at each other to be heard over the music.  If you wanted to listen to the music, yes, you could, but at the same time if you wanted to converse, that was easy.  Everything as it should be.  Because of these qualities, as well as many others, Aprylle & Reed were voted in the reader’s poll of New Hampshire Magazine’s BRIDE as the best wedding musicians for 2009, 2010 and 2011.  After a few years hiatus, Aprylle & Reed are performing again!  The intimate elegance of their music will certainly give a unique distinction to your wedding or other special event.

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